‘Final ever’ Monty Python show announced along with new song

Monty-PythonTickets for what is being called the final ever Monty Python live show go on sale today at noon.

It will conclude a run of ten nights at London’s O2, with the first night having sold out in 43.5 seconds and the next four within an hour.

The organisers have put paid to hopes that the show would expand to other countries.

“The Pythons had hoped to take up some of the many offers to perform at arenas all over the world,” read a statement, but “individual commitments to other projects over the next three years
has made this impossible.”

It will be the first time the Python troupe have performed on stage together since 2009, when they held a 40th anniversary reunion at the Ziegfield Theatre in New York.

But where that was a modest staging, this will be an extravaganza that will likely hark back to their legendary shows at the Hollywood Bowl and elsewhere.

Talking to Greg James on Radio 1 yesterday, Michael Palin said: “It’ll probably be the last time we go on stage together again… until the next one.

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