Fingerprint Sensor Will Feature On Next iPhone

iphone-5The new Beta version of iOS for the next iPhone reveals a fingerprint that changes colour during setup and indicates that the new model will indeed have a fingerprint scanner, as rumours have suggested.

Following Apple rumours can prove a difficult and thankless task. While a few of the supposed new features and fittings for the iPhone do eventually turn out to be true, the vast majority turn out to be little more than wishful thinking. Generally, the accuracy of a rumour can usually be measured by its persistence and one rumour that has been doing the rounds for a while is that of a fingerprint scanner in the next iPhone model.

The next iPhone looks almost certain to be the first Apple device to include a biometric fingerprint scanner after a line of code was found in the latest Beta version of iOS. The code highlights a fingerprint that changes colour during setup.

Earlier rumours had suggested that the production of the new iPhone had had to be delayed while manufacturers found a material for the home button that did not interfere with the fingerprint imaging.

Biometric security is seen by many as being the future of device security and the likes of fingerprint scanners are nothing new. However, they have been met with criticism in the past, typically because they fail to identify the fingerprint of a user or they are too easy to bypass.

Currently, expectations are that the next incarnation of the popular Apple phone will be released in September but it is unclear whether it will be an upgraded iPhone 5S or a brand new iPhone 6. Other rumours regarding the popular phone range include those of a budget iPhone that will be made from plastic and available at a fraction of the cost of the full priced version.

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