Finnish Smartphone Startup Jolla To Release First Handset

finnishsmartphone_JollaA Finnish smartphone startup called Jolla has announced its first handset, a reasonably priced, Sailfish powered 4.5” device. There’s no word as to whether it will reach the UK yet.

In the same way that the Google Nexus 7 transformed the budget end of the tablet market, the Moto G, from Google owned smartphone maker Motorola, has changed the way that we look at budget and mid-range smartphones. Until the announcement of the Moto G, for example, the impending arrival of the new Jolla smartphone would have been considered really good value for money. While it still looks to be a decent phone and at a reasonable price, it doesn’t quite stack up against the G.

Jolla was formed by a number of former executives from that other Finnish phone maker, Nokia. With Nokia towing a partisan Windows Phone line, it seems that Jolla could certainly take a decent hold of the Finnish home market. There remains the question of whether they will be able to stack up against other, better known, manufacturers in foreign markets, though.

One of the notable points of the Jolla is that it will not be running either Windows Phone or Android. It will, instead, be powered by the Sailfish operating system. Sailfish is derived from the Meego based Linux operating system and hasn’t exactly had that many takers when it comes to new phone manufacturers.

The phone itself will be a dual core handset with a 4.5” screen, and it will have a design that is quite reminiscent of Nokia’s own devices. Maybe this is a popular Finnish design, or maybe it is the former Nokia executives within the company, that have led this design choice.

The phone will launch in Finland for €399, which is roughly £335 but the 8mp camera, 16GB if native storage, and the 4.5” 960 x 540 screened device just isn’t really enough to take on the new Moto G, in our opinion.

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