Five And A Half Days A Year Lost To Slow Computers

computer_slowA recent study has shown that UK users lose five and a half days a year to slow computers and that it puts a lot of people in a bad mood, with some even losing sleep over it.

Have you ever wondered just how much time you are losing to a slow loading computer, or how much time you can have spent playing on the PS3 if you didn’t have to wait for your computer programmes to open? Researchers have found that the average Briton wastes five and a half days every single year doing exactly this.

SanDisk, the computer storage manufacturing company, conducted research of 8,001 desktop and laptop users from around the world to discover how much time we actually spend sat motionless at our computers.

For UK users, the greatest delays came from waiting for files to upload or download while slow loading applications were also a major problem. Considering how much quicker all of this is now than it was even five years ago, though, it would be interesting to see the difference in results over time. One area where things have definitely changed is in waiting for computers to boot up; virtually no time was wasted in this way – a figure undoubtedly helped by laptop and desktop owners leaving their computers on all day and night.

Meanwhile, TalkTalk conducted its own research, looking at how much broadband speed we throw away every day in our homes. The results show that the average person is losing about 4Mbps due to a poor wireless network setup. TalkTalk said that minor changes and easy remedies would help ensure that we enjoy the full benefit of our wireless connections. Currently, more than 100 million megabytes of bandwidth capacity are lost every single year and this is enough to power BBC iPlayer for nearly 60 years.

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