Gadgets Most Popular Gifts For Everybody This Christmas

christmas-giftPerhaps unsurprisingly, research has shown that most people are shunning traditional Christmas gifts and opting to buy gadgets and the latest technology for partners, kids, and friends.

When technology companies release products in the second half of the year, they tend to aim for a pre-Christmas release, and for good reason. Launching too soon means that a product could be replaced, while launching too late means that few people will have the expendable income needed to buy their items.

For buyers looking for the ideal gift, gadgets are a good choice. They tend to enjoy regular and heavy use, are viewed as being really good gift items, and are the must have accessory that most people are talking about.

According to research by Pixmania, 87% of people in a relationship would rather buy technology gifts for their partner than jewellery and other traditional gift items. That means, you’re more likely to be unwrapping an iPad Mini than new diamond earrings.

uSwitch Tech found that it isn’t just partners that are shelling out on the latest gadgets from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Parents in the UK will spend a massive £3bn buying the latest technology for their kids. The average parent will spend £243 on gadget gifts for children with approximately 16% spending as much as £400 on their offspring.

24% of parents said they would be buying a tablet, while 17% said it would be a games console like the new Xbox One or PS4 that they would be wrapping up and putting under the tree. 10% will be buying smartphones, 12% digital cameras, 11% e-readers, and 6% are even going to be buying smartwatches.

However, it’s not all positive news, as a poll conducted every ten years regarding British sex habits shows that devices like the iPad are putting us off having sex as frequently. The average Briton aged between 16 and 44 has sex less than five times a month, compared to six times a month 10 years ago.

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