Gigabyte Launches The P35K

gigP35K_2Gigabyte has launched what is not only the world’s lightest gaming laptop, but one that adopts an unusually modest approach to gaming device design.

Typically, if you want to buy a gaming rig, whether it is desk or lap bound, you have to choose from a selection of ridiculously pimped out devices. Swathes of neon, oodles of tattoos and skins, and a variety of different hood ornaments are the usual addition to a gaming computer. However, Gigabyte has broken the mould with their latest release, the P35K.

Gone are the garish colours, the lavish vents, and the often unnecessarily shouty designs. Instead, the P35K looks like it has been designed for use by people that have passed puberty. It could even be said that it has a certain air of respectability about it.

What’s more, the P35K can also boast being the lightest gaming laptop in the world. It weighs just over 2kg, and it is also extremely thin, measuring a mere 21mm thin.

Beyond the look of the device, it really is quite an impressive piece of machinery, with the latest core i7 processor and the nVidia GeForce GTX 765M 2GB GPU. It also has quad core storage, which means that it can hold internal storage of up to 3TB.

The 15” screen provides full HD 1,080p viewing and the backlit keyboard is perfect for gaming sessions that progress well into the early hours.

For those that haven’t heard of them, Gigabyte are well known for manufacturing durable, high end parts and devices. They have recently launched their own version of the GeForce GPU, although this isn’t found in the latest gaming device.

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The Gigabyte P35K is a powerful gaming laptop that doesn’t utilise the same brash design as many other rigs. If you want to show off the fact that you’re gaming then look elsewhere, but if you want a capable device that is ultra-light and incredibly thin then this is the perfect solution.

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