Google Announce Chromecast TV Dongle To Compete With Apple TV

Google Chromecast DongleThe low cost Chromecast dongle, which will cost around £30 when released in the UK, will enable users to stream content from mobiles, tablets, and similar devices to your TV.

Google has launched a new attempt at taking over your TV sets. They tried and failed in the shape of the Nexus Q last year but performance was so bad that they pulled it from production. Google TV was launched in 2010 and they also attempted to partner with Sony but the £200 set top box was, to put it mildly, not very popular.

As well as announcing the new Nexus 7, the technology giant also announced their latest attempt, which comes in the more appealing guise of a low cost and convenient TV dongle.

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The dongle plugs into your TV HDMI port and then enables you to stream content from mobile devices and PCs. Effectively, it works in much the same way as the Apple TV device except that it will have greater compatibility. As well as being compatible with Android it will also offer iOS compatibility although there’s no news regarding Windows Mobile compatibility as yet.

There’s currently no word on when, or how much, the dongle will launch in the UK but is set for release in the US at a price equivalent to £23. If it remains relatively close to this price point in the UK then it looks set to be a major contender to Apple TV.

Essentially, the dongle will enable you to convert your TV into a Smart TV without having to rely on often unreliable TV browsers. It seems highly likely that it will be released in the UK so it’s just a matter of sitting and patiently waiting for the UK press release to catch up with the US own announcement.

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