Google Glass Gets Its First App Courtesy Of New York Times

google glassGoogle has been pushing its Glass project hard lately and there is bound to be a buzz around what is essentially a whole new category of gadget. Never before have we been offered augmented reality glasses that enable us to connect through such a wearable interface. Whether the technology takes off obviously remains to be seen but the signs are looking good so far, at least from Google’s point of view anyway.

The technology giant recently launched a project whereby users could apply to be allowed to buy a pair of these AR glasses at a cost of $1,500. The price may be high but they weren’t short of people to take up the offer. As well as users, Google hoped to drag in developers to create apps for the glasses too.

The New York Times appears to have been the first developer to get on board, releasing a Google Glass version of their newspaper. According to a press release from New York Times, users can link their glasses to their NYT account and receive breaking news stories, summaries of all news stories, and are even given the option to have a summary read out to them.

Google have slated a release date of next year for the technology and are presumably hoping to have more than one app on offer when they do go on sale. For now, and because of the limited exposure that they would receive, it seems fairly unlikely that too many developers will be keen to get involved.

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