Google glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is the first wearable computer.

Google glassAs the world is becoming more smarter, Google is coming up with the latest technologies to attract, one of its latest evolution is Google glass.

Google glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is the first wearable computer with really light weight, which is available to public the beta version as of now.

One to use the Google Glass, needs to pair up the Glass with mobile through Bluetooth (we can use MyGlass app for pairing).

Google glass can be controlled using ‘Voice actions’ or using ‘Touchpad‘. The touch-sensitive frame on the right side of the glass is very simple to use with left to right scrolling, tapping to move down a menu and swiping down to move up. With voice commands we can get directions, send text messages, browse things, take a picture or a video. The speaker which is crusty and not too loud on Glass, is a bone conductive unit which is just behind your right ear. Google Glass can be charged using a Micro USB Connector where just about an hour of charging can keep the Glass alive for a full day . Although there are very limited apps that can be used on Glass currently. Although the developer version of Google Glass has got few flaws, the full consumer version is designing in such a way to overcome the flaws seen, which turns out to be a great unique product.

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