Google I/O Starts Tomorrow And Will Concentrate On Software

Google IOAnybody that was getting sweaty thinking about a new Nexus announcement at this year’s Google I/O will have to sate their Google appetite with software and apps, according to Sundar Pichai of the Google Android division. Despite this, there is every possibility of some major announcement; technology developers do have a tendency to fib to their prospective consumers in order to try and stave off competition and build us up into a frenzy after all.

A new Google Nexus was expected to be announced at I/O 2013. The current Nexus 7, made by Asus, has proven a very popular budget Android tablet and it has, in the past few weeks, seen its price slashed quite considerably. There are a couple of schools of thought regarding the next incarnation of the tablet; some believe there will be a revamped and improved version of the Nexus 7 while there are rumours that Samsung are in the process of manufacturing a Nexus 11 with considerably larger screen than the original.

Other rumours include the introduction of the Google X smartphone. It is believed that this would be manufactured by Motorola, who are now owned by Google and have yet to create a Google specific device. The phone is rumoured to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor and will come with a non-removable battery; the latest trend in mobile phone manufacture it would seem.

With Pichai’s announcement that they would be concentrating on software and developers, though, it seems more likely that an update to Wallet will be among the offerings. However, those that had expected a physical Google Wallet card will be disappointed because it is reported that this idea has been shelved. The card would have connected to a Google Wallet account and given a single physical card that could effectively have combined multiple cards and accounts. However, that won’t be the case now.

While Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie was expected, this is another area where followers are set to be disappointed. The tech giant are expected to announce an update to the Android OS but it will be a fairly minor update and will retain the Jelly Bean marque rather than being given its own name.

It is expected that a new Chat platform will be announced along with the Google Play features that we reported in an earlier post but, currently, it looks like this year’s Google I/O will be all about disappointment rather than excitement; a sense of anti-climax rather than one of unparalleled and unabated excitement.

Still, we can hope.

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