Google is planning to launch Nexus 9 Tablet with an 8.9 Inch Screen.

GooglenexusThe growth in technology is always fascinating. It’s heard that Google is now planning to launch Nexus 9 Tablet with an 8.9 -inch screen instead of earlier said rumours about Nexus 8 with an Intel Bay Trail-T chipset, reports Digitimes. The previous versions of Nexus tablet have come up with 7 inch display, but now

Google is finally moving to a bigger display for its budget tablet. The other hawkers are trialing to come up with different sizes, already Samsung has come up with extra-large, 12.2-inch Note Pro and Tab Pro devices, while Asus is reportedly working on a 13.3″ tablet based on an Intel chipset and a dual-boot setup.

While nothing is official yet, it’s likely that the tablet would be unveiled during the I/O event scheduled in Jun. It certainly sounds good to us that the Internet giant is starting to shift its focus to larger-size applications.

As per earlier records, Google has always exhibited it’s gratitude towards it’s diligent Android developers and has presented the latest released devices to the attendees at the Google I/O conference. Now that I/O event(June) of this year is just 3 months away, it will be very interesting to see what Google has in store for attendees this time.

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