Google Prescription Glass Coming In 2014

google glassGoogle has announced that Glass wearers will soon be able to have their wearable tech customised with their own prescription. Music streaming is also due to arrive soon.

Google Glass is building up a head of steam, and a number of announcements and upgrades have hit the press in recent days. Details of the updated Explorer programme have been offered to those that are interested in becoming a part of the experiment, while a streaming music service and prescription lenses are among the other pieces of media concerned with the wearable tech device.

The Google Glass Explorer programme has enabled a lucky few thousand to get their hands on the device, and Google has said that an updated version will be available from the end of this year. The new version will have improved features and will have improved functionality compared to the orginal. Google have said that all current Explorers will be able to upgrade to the new version and will also be able to invite three friends each to join the program and get the new version of Glass.

One aspect of the Google Glass technology that will be improved is the actual lens technology. As of 2014, Google says that it will be possible to have prescription lenses fitted, and that the lenses can be colour coordinated with the design of the individual’s Glass tech.

Because the wearable tech is still in its infancy, and still only really being tested, it has quite limited functionality. Video recording is limited to ten second clips and users can only use voice commands to help them find facts on the Internet and acquire directions. However, it has been announced that this functionality will be extended to music streaming. Wearers will be able to tell Glass which song they would like to listen to and the software will do the rest, finding the song, and playing it.

The Music service will offer full functionality, so it will be possible to scan through playlists and choose songs from an existing library, or stream music through Google Play.

The final piece of news on Glass, is that Google has relaxed its conditions on the resale and lending of the technology. While it still contravenes the company’s terms to sell the product to another party, Google has removed the section from their agreement that says they will deactivate the device, and neither the original nor the new owner will have the right to compensation if this occurs.

Google Glass is not only growing up, but evolving too, but it will it ever prove to be popular wearable tech?

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