Google Profits Miss Expectations But Near 1bn Android Activations

google-android-logoDespite showing strong figures, Google has underwhelmed Wall Street with figures that were lower than analyst expectations. The shortfall has been blamed on the technology giant’s failure to make the shift from desktop to mobile quickly enough.

Google offers a massive array of services and they do tend to move quickly with the changing times. However, the move from desktop based computing to mobile and portable devices caught the company a little by surprise. When they made the move, they did so in a big way launching their own mobile operating system but they continue to struggle to charge as much for advertising on these devices as they do on standard search results.

In the three months to the end of June, Google increased its revenues by nearly 20% to $14.11bn but this was still some way short of the $14.4bn that Wall Street analysts had expected. Net income rose by 16% to $3.23bn but earnings per share was nearly a dollar lower than forecasted at $9.54.

However, one area where the search engine managed to continue to impress was in the number of Android activations that they have now enjoyed. Speaking during their quarterly earnings announcement, the company said that more than 1.5 million Android devices were being activated every single day and that they would very soon pass the 1bn activation mark. All this in just five years since the release of the first Android phone.

Meanwhile, Blackberry Messenger, or BBM as it is commonly referred, is said to be ready to launch on Android before the end of September.

The incredibly popular messaging service has proven so popular because it offers a free and simple way of communicating between Blackberry owners. In extending the availability of the app, so that Android smartphone owners can also access the system, it could go either way for Blackberry.

On the one hand, many people may be put off the idea of getting a Blackberry because they would not be abel to enjoy the free messaging service and these people could now be persuaded to invest in the range of phones that Blackberry has to offer. On the other hand, though, Android owners may see less point in purchasing a Blackberry if they can enjoy access to one of the most beneficial reasons to pick up the Blackberry phone. One thing is for sure, though, the release will be good news for Android owners.

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