Google Releases Wireless Qi Charger For Nexus Devices

nexus-wireless-charger-1Google has launched a Qi wireless charger on Play Store, costing the equivalent of just over £30. It is not yet available in the UK, but is designed to be compatible with the Nexus 4, 5, and 7.

Wireless charging is something that the real geeks of the world can get particularly excited about. The current technology still requires that you have wires running from the plug to the charging plate, but as the technology improves and you can charge over a greater distance, even this could soon diminish. Wireless technology would genuinely be upon us. For now, we have to make with do with the convenience of being able to charge without plugging your phone or tablet in.

Qi is the name of the wireless charging technology introduced by Google, and utilised currently by the Nexus 4. Unfortunately, the charging plate for the Nexus 4 is really quite ugly, but a new plate has been launched that is better looking and not only works with the Nexus 4 but the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 too.

The charger has a magnetic face so your Nexus snaps into place without any hassle. The charger itself will also attach to any surface, ranging from bedside table to office desk, and it can be easily removed and move around as required. What’s more, it’s nowhere near as ugly as the previous version of the Qi charger. In fact, the little cube has quite an endearing look about it that should excite buyers, at least to some degree.

Currently, the Nexus Wireless Charger is only available to customers in the US and Canada. It costs $50, which is just over £30, and it is likely that it will also be made available to UK buyers in the near future.

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