Google To Launch Music Streaming Spotify Competitor

Google MusicGoogle already has its sticky fingers embedded in many pies and right up to the knuckle and it seems that the latest target of their ultra-competitive nature will be Spotify, the music streaming service. A report on The Verge says that the service will be a subscription based model and will be launched to further extend Google Play functionality. It is expected to be one of the software announcements made during the company’s I/O event that starts today.

What with this being an unconfirmed rumour at the minute, nothing has really been confirmed, but the Google mole responsible for leaking the story has said that Google has added licensing agreements for Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group ahead of a proposed launch.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed though the service is not expected to have a free level and most believe that it will be priced to compete directly with Spotify so you should expect to have to pay anywhere from around £10 per month. When you consider that this allows unlimited access across all of your devices it really isn’t too bad a price at all.

Google’s annual developer conference, called Google I/O, kicks off today and the company has stated that it will be a more software and developer orientated event. There are unlikely to be any announcements regarding new Google Nexus phones or tablets so we will need to console ourselves with announcements like this. Considering Google now own Motorola it would be nice to see at least a small number of devices and you never know.

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