Google TV Now Android TV

google-androidAccording to reports, Google has officially finished off its Google TV brand, replacing it with the Android TV moniker instead. It’s not yet clear whether this means any major changes or is just a change of name.

It has emerged that technology giant may have now killed off the Google TV brand, replacing it with Android TV instead. There are some fairly significant differences between the two services but it has not yet been clarified whether the change will mean any other major changes to the service being offered.

Google TV was established around three years ago but it offered little in the way of movement or personalisation for TV manufacturers. There was no opportunity or option to add an additional layer of software over the top and this meant that companies like Samsung were unable to brand the service themselves.

In contrast, Android TV is very similar to other Android brands, including the mobile operating system. As well as offering the functionality required, it also provided manufacturers with the chance to be able to add their own skin on top of the software. Companies would not only be able to brand the software towards their own company but they could also add extra functionality.

The reports of Google TV being killed off haven’t yet been officially confirmed but sources have noted that Google officials have stopped referring to it, always referring to Android TV instead.

Google obviously wants to succeed in the TV world. They recently launched the Chromecast dongle which could be viewed as the first outing of Android TV. The device is meant to be a budget Internet TV dongle, although the £60 that it currently costs on Amazon is some way above the price it is expected to cost when it officially launches in the UK.

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