Google Unveils Nexus 7 With World’s Highest Tablet Resolution

Google Nexus 7Google has unveiled the second generation of its Nexus 7 tablet, costing just £200 and offering the highest resolution of any tablet computer to date. Will it be enough to dethrone the iPad?

The Nexus 7 was, in many people’s eyes, a tablet revolution. The 7” tablet offered good specification for a £159 price tag but while it did enjoy decent sales, it didn’t really compete with the much pricier iPad. Google has unveiled a much improved second iteration of the device that they hope will help further cement their position as technology leaders.

The main selling point of the new device is that it has an allegedly world beating 323 pixels per inch resolution which is around 60ppi more than the iPad Retina display. However, the Nexus is no one-trick-pony and has a number of other improvements that will hopefully endear it to the masses.

The 1.5GHz processor is apparently 80% faster than the original and the device is slimmer and lighter now too. It will also offer wireless charging so that you will be able to sit on a charging plate or charging station without the need for wires.

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The wireless charger won’t be included in the initial purchase; users will instead be given the now standard microUSB charger. It will be possible to buy a Qi charger and it looks as though this will be the first tablet to offer wireless charging, although it is now present in a number of smartphone and mobile phone handsets.

Android comes in the shape of 4.3 which has a raft of new features, including individual user profiles and family settings. A 5mp rear camera and 1.2mp front facing camera are combined with dual stereo speakers to offer what should amount to a really rich media experience.

In terms of potential disappointment, the only real drawback is the 2GB RAM which many had perhaps unrealistically thought would be double this amount. Aside from that, though, there really isn’t much to complain about especially when you take into account the budget price tag that the device carries.

Three versions of the tablet will be available, a 16GB and a 32GB as well as a 32GB LTE option. Currys are offering preorders on the two WiFi models but not the LTE device, which may not even make it to these shores. Official word on a UK release is that it will be here before Christmas – Currys’ preorders state the middle of September as a UK availability date.

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