Google Working On Games Console And Smartwatch

Google PlayGoogle is joining the Android console war with its own hardware and is extending its wearable tech offering with an Android powered Smartwatch.

Wearable technology is become the focal point for a lot of companies. The likes of Samsung and Apple are both working on smartwatches, Sony has released its second incarnation of a similar device, and Google itself has launched, albeit to varyingly poor reviews, a pair of augmented reality glasses. It is not too surprising, then, that Google is working on a smartwatch of its own.

The Google Smartwatch will be Android powered and will connect to Android powered smartphones. This enables wearers to be able to interact with their smartphones even while they are away from them. It makes it possible to check missed call details, read texts, and perform a number of other actions and there will almost certainly be a slew of Android apps that would be released for the unique wrist wear.

This, of course, isn’t Google’s first sojourn into the wearable technology market. Google Glasses are a pair of glasses that offer Android access but they have been met with derision from most parts, especially concerned with privacy issues.

One area where Google has enjoyed more luck is in the gaming department. Android games are not only popular but have led to a down tick in PC and console gaming markets as well as the release of a number of Android powered gaming devices like the recently released Kickstarter backed project Ouya.

Releasing their own device would open up a new market for Google and it would, once again, put them firmly in the grille of Apple, who have announced that they are working on a new Apple TV that would include game console features.

Another device that the company are allegedly working on is the Nexus Q. Google have previously developed the device, which is an Android based media streamer and player, but it had a somewhat bulky £200 price tag and was never released to the public. The next iteration of the device will have a much lower price tag and could compete with the likes of the Roku Player and, of course, Apple TV.

With the release of the Android operating system and Google Play store, the search giant opened up whole new areas where they could develop innovative products and it seems they may be about to really hit their stride with the potential release of smartwatches, media streamers, and gaming consoles.

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