Grid 2 And Fuse Out Tomorrow

grid 2 & fuse video gamesTomorrow sees the launch of two new games, both of which will be hoping to take next week’s top charts spot. While Grid 2 has a genuine chance of achieving this, it is unlikely that Fuse will manage to muster the same crowd.

Grid 2 continues where its original predecessor left off – that is, on beautifully designed tracks behind the wheel of achingly beautiful cars but definitely under the bonnet. The game not only aims but succeeds to provide something a little different to the stat crunching and engine upgrading stats of Forza but it also aims to offer an accurate depiction of driving, albeit in a selection of different ways.

In World Series Racing you will have your wits pitted not only against your competitors but also against tight times, difficult to beat scores, and other elements. You will need to master various driving disciplines to help you rule the Drive world. As well as being a great and addictive single player game there is also a superb online mode but the use of intelligent AI for competitor drivers means that you may not need to take on real people unless you really want to.

There are occasional glitches but not enough to dampen the enjoyment in this cross between hardcore driving and arcade style game modes.

Fuse is also being released tomorrow. This is effectively a four player co-op game in a similar ilk to Left 4 Dead. However, where the protagonist had to escape the zombie horde in Left 4 Dead, you are placed into the role of a mercenary gunfighter and like the aforementioned game you will enjoy this one a whole lot more if you play with a bunch of friends. In fact, in some game modes it should be considered vital.

The storyline is fairly standard FPS affair. Infiltrate research facility, meet fuse yielding baddies, and try to win the day for bunch of heroes. However, the storyline for this game does offer one of its greatest benefits. The weapons you come across are Fuse infused so they offer a unique array of ways in which to maim, kill, and generally cause trouble.

Fuse is, at heart, a co-op game and this is perhaps why Echelon Mode is all but impossible without three friends at good levels. If you have those three friends willing to part with the cash then this could well be worth the money. Otherwise, consider buying Grid 2 instead.

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