GTA 5 News – No More Delays But 8GB Install Will Be Required

GTA-5Rockstar Games has said that there will be no more delays in the release of GTA 5 but that there will be a mandatory 8GB install for both Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.

Grand Theft Auto has proven one of the most popular game franchises of all times. It has always pushed boundaries and new releases often garner a degree of scathing criticism from a lot of quarters. With the upcoming release of GTA 5, some of this criticism may be coming from gamers – especially those with a 4GB model of the Xbox 360.

Rockstar Games have said that the game, which will be on one Blu Ray disc for the PS3 and two discs for the Xbox 360 will have a mandatory 8GB installation. Xbox 360 owners will install from one disc and will then need to put the other disc in whenever they want to play. PS3 owners will install and play from the same disc.

The company has said that it has made this move in order that gamers can truly experience and enjoy the full extent of the massive game world that GTA has to offer.

When it comes to multi-platform discussions, Rockstar have said that there will be only negligible differences between the two versions. They have remained fairly tight lipped regarding whether there will be a PC, Xbox One, or PS4 version available but they have said that they have concentrated all of their efforts, so far, on creating the current gen version.

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The release date for GTA 5 is now set for September 17th and, in their latest weekly Q&A session, the LA Noire manufacturer has said that gamers can book the day off work because there will absolutely not be any more delays and the game will launch on the planned date without fail.

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