GTA 5 Sales Have Already Beaten Those Of GTA IV

GTA-5GTA V may have only been at number 1 in the games chart for a week, having been toppled by FIFA 14, but its massive sales figures already mean that it has outsold its predecessor after just three weeks.

GTA V saw massive first week sales, breaking virtually every record going and raking in a massive profit for developers Rockstar Games. However, reaching this incredible salves volume in such a short space of time may also have prevented the game from holding on to the top spot any longer than it did. As it was, GTA V remained in first place for just one week and FIFA 14 has retained the title that it took from the Liberty City game for the second week.

Rockstar have one of the biggest and most widely loved gaming franchises in the world in Grand Theft Auto games and titles have come a long way since the first two dimensional top down title.

GTA V is hailed as being the biggest and best yet. It’s visually stunning and the whole open world comes to life from the very first time you set foot in the city. It isn’t without its faults but it is definitely worthy of the massive praise that it has received from reviewers and gamers alike.

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To date, the game’s predecessor GTA IV has sold more than 25 million copies around the world since being launched in 2008. That gives the title a 5 year head start but even that hasn’t proven enough with the latest iteration already selling more copies in the three weeks since its launch.

This popularity hasn’t been an entirely positive thing, though. The release of the new GTA Online platform saw millions of people trying to log on and this effectively brought serious server problems. Updates have been released but players are still struggling to log on.

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