GTA Online Offers 16 Player Always On Grand Theft Co-Op

GTA-5GTA games are always immensely popular releases and GTA V will certainly not prove any different. What’s more, Rockstar have taken the series in a whole new direction with the launch of the GTA Online experience.

GTA Online will be free with every copy of GTA V sold, although buyers may be disappointed to learn that the online addition will not be made available until two weeks after the release of the main game. This means that you will be able to go online and team up or battle it out with others from 1st October. Presumably, Rockstar have done this so that gamers can have the chance to get to grips with the full single player campaign first.

The always on nature of GTA Online means that the world will change around you, but also when you aren’t even online. When you log back in, you may find that you’ve been left behind or that your crew have committed major treachery and ousted you.

When playing, the character wheel will provide access to an Online option. This will enable you to jump into an online game world and play regardless of who is and who is not online. You will be able to change your appearance and that of your crib, including the Penthouse. You can effectively play through the campaign in this way or you go properly multiplayer.

Crew vs crew games and battles will be available, according to Rockstar, and this will enable players to join up with friends and take on others. Players are awarded with reputation and money which can be used to increase their arsenal and buy access to new weapons, outfits, and even vehicles.

Online is a new direction for the GTA series and if it is executed well, which we suspect it will be thanks to having Rockstar at the helm, it could add a whole new level to games that are already massive and popular.

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