GTA V Back To The Top Of The Charts

GTA-5New entries Beyond Two Souls, Pokemon X and Y couldn’t do enough to top the tussle between GTA V and FIFA 14. The Rockstar Grand Theft Auto has taken the top spot back from FIFA 14, which has dropped down into second place. The two new Pokemon titles came in at third and fourth while the creepy Beyond Two Souls title hit the charts in 5th position.

1 (2) – GTA V

We’re not sure where you’ve been hiding if you don’t yet know that GTA V has been released and that it is, apart from a few bugs and glitches, absolutely awesome. It looks great, plays amazingly, and it offers online multiplayer for the first time. It is, basically, deserving of taking its top spot back from the admittedly great FIFA 14.

2 (1) – FIFA 14

FIFA 14 is a great game but the series is taking on a whole new simulation type vibe. The lack of arcade style fun could yet do for the franchise but while FIFA 14 may have you throwing your controller in anger as you let the ball slip away from your feet once again, it will also have you reaching for the skies in celebration of finely crafted and ridiculously realistic goals.

3 (-) – Pokemon X

It’s really quite pointless writing two entries for Pokemon X and Y. Previous releases have been split into two because they offer access to different Pokemon and while this is certainly true of Pokemon X and Y, it is much less important. Move to Pokemon Y to see why.

4 (-) – Pokemon Y

Pokemon X and Y now feature online trading and this means that if you didn’t get the Pokemon you wanted with the version you bought then you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to swap. Despite this, though, 5.5 million copies of the games were sold in the first 24 hours since release making it one of the biggest releases of all time and lending further credence to Nintendo’s policy of a cash-cow dual release.

5 (-) – Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls is a PS3 only creepy as hell game release. Players can swap between the human protagonist Jodie and a poltergeist style character, almost at will. This is essentially a follow up to Heavy Rain and it is as brilliant cinematically as the first title. We don’t want to ruin anything about this game so we encourage you to buy it and play it, rather than read reviews.

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