GTA V Holds On To Top Spot Ahead Of FIFA 14

FIFA14-EA-SportsFIFA 14 has seemingly had its run at the top and, having been demoted by GTA V last week, it remains in second place. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been pushed down into third and fourth place following the release of the latest Skylanders pack, Skylanders Swap Force.

1 (1) – GTA V

GTA V is massive, it’s incredible, and it should be on every gamer’s list of games to buy, if they haven’t already done so. The game world is where the GTA series has long enjoyed its massive success and Los Santos certainly doesn’t break the mould in this respect. It may break the mould for its sheer size, however.

2 (2) – FIFA 14

FIFA 14 enjoyed a brief spell at the top and, if FIFA 13 is anything to go by, it is going to stay in the top 10 for the next 48 weeks. It is a little too simulation based for our liking but there is no doubting its accuracy and lifelike attributes.

3 (-) – Skylanders Swap Force

It pains us to say that Skylanders games are actually really rather good. The portal and additional characters are a blatant plot to force parents into spending hundreds of pounds buying new figures, but the fact that the games are so appealing is what makes that formula work. Skylanders Swap Force brings whole new elements to the series, with interchangeable top and bottom halves, new elements, and new movement types for characters. You can even jump now, and the figures from previous games also work here too, so there is at least some value for money to be had.

4 (3) – Pokemon X

When it comes to blatant plans to make more money from gamers and their parents, there is also the tactic of splitting what is basically a single game into two and selling them separately. Enter Pokemon X

5 (4) – Pokemon Y

…And Pokemon Y. The different versions of the game do offer different characters but the ability to trade Pokemon online virtually dispenses with the requirement to own both games. Choose whether you prefer the letter X or the letter Y, or whether you prefer the characters that are included in either game, it doesn’t make that much difference – you still get what is really quite an addictive game with increased online multiplayer options that serve to increase the replayability of the title.

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