GTA V Takes £500m In First Day

GTA-5The hotly anticipated release of GTA V from Rockstar North saw sales of nearly £500m in just its first day easily surpassing the previous record of £310m set by Call Of Duty: Black Ops II.

The release of GTA V was always going to be big. Gamers had had to wait years for the latest iteration and the game world was not only bigger and ridiculously beautiful but the combat system, which was previously the only slight drawback of the game, had been greatly improved too. Queues formed hours before the game was released and Amazon has potentially landed itself in trouble for reportedly shipping the game early to its customers.

However, the exact scale of its success is still mind boggling. In its first day of release, the game raised nearly £500m.

The previous record was held by Call Of Duty: Black Ops II which raised £310m in its first day and many experts say that it will be the first game to raise £1bn and is almost certain to break all records.

However, the violence debate continues to dog the game, although we suspect it actually helps to raise sales figures somewhat. The argument certainly wasn’t helped by the fact that three young men have been arrested for stabbing a man and stealing his newly purchased copy of the GTA game. Although the motive of the attack is unclear, and could yet prove to have nothing to do with the GTA V purchase, it is a story that will follow the game.

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GTA V has received critical praise from reviewers while gamers who have purchased a copy have also been quick to praise its depth, gameplay, and improvements. San Andreas, the city where the game is based, has proven particularly popular especially since it has received a major facelift and some serious renovations.

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