GTA V Wins Game Of The Year And Drives Growth In Video Games Sales

GTA_5_WALLPAPERGrand Theft Auto V has, as is typical for releases in this series, been hit by criticism for its graphic violence and sex but it has also picked up Game of the Year and helped drive growth in video game sales for the first time in five years.

Video games have had it difficult in the past five years. They have been blighted by tablets and smartphones that are increasingly capable of playing high quality games, and the industry has really been waiting for the release of next generation consoles to have a hope of halting the decline in game sales.

However, the launch and subsequent success of GTA V, supported by an able cast that includes FIFA 14, has helped ensure that game sales have witnessed growth before the launch of the new devices next month.

GTA V became the fastest selling game of all time when it was launched and, while FIFA took its top spot for a week, it has remained in pole position since. It cost Rockstar Games a massive £170m to make but raked in $800m in the first weekend of sales alone, so the gamble certainly paid off.

The game also received massive review ratings and scores with most publishers awarded it a full score.

These reviews were further cemented by winning Game of the Year at the prestigious Golden Joystick awards. The awards amassed more than 10 million votes from members of the public. As well as success for GTA V, The Last Of Us from Sony picked up two awards.

The Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One are both expected to launch in November 203 and analysts predict that this will help video game sales pick up, and ensure that mobile games and apps don’t have things entirely their own way.

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