HP Launches First Chromebook

HP ChromebooksChromebooks, which are netbooks powered by Google’s Chrome Operating System, haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. Recent figures show that just 0.02% of web traffic comes from such devices. However, HP could be about to change that, or at least give Google good reason to get just a little bit excited about the future of their laptop OS.

HP first mentioned the Pavilion 14 Chromebook three months ago but it has taken until today for it to hit shelves and start selling. In fact, visit the Dixons or HP Store Online today and you can pick  up one of the devices for £249 today.

The 14 inch Pavilion 14 is considerably larger than the majority of Chromebooks that currently  exist.

What’s more, it’s thin and lightweight too. It has 4GB DDR3 memory and a 16GB SSD hard drive. Under the bonnet it is packing an Intel Celeron processor and it provides HDMI as well as 3 USB connections so that you can connect to existing devices like the TV.

You will need a good Internet connection because you need to be connected when you use the Chrome OS. In exchange for this, though, Google is generously giving 100GB of Google Drive  storage with every purchase and this should provide ample room for your photos, videos, music,  and documents.

Consider that most of us are permanently connected to the Internet whether we’re at home, in the office, or even on the move, and the requirement to be online doesn’t seem as damaging. All in all, the HP Pavilion 14 looks a good deal thanks to its range of features and decent price point.

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