HTC Officially Unveils The HTC One Max Phablet

440x330-htc-one-max-mainsStruggling smartphone manufacturer HTC has unveiled their latest handset, the gargantuan HTC One Max. The 5.9” phablet will be powerful and should release by the end of this month.

HTC has been struggling in the smartphone market recently. They have failed to repeat the success that they enjoyed with the likes of budget phones the Desire and the Wildfire, despite releasing some seriously impressive handsets. The HTC One is the company’s flagship device and it offers an incredible screen and some excellent features. However, it hasn’t sold as well as the Taiwanese manufacturer had hoped with the likes of the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S outselling its rival.

Despite this, the HTC One Mini was released and this too was a great little handset. It offered the same level of quality as the primary handset but with a less cumbersome form. The trend for smaller versions of flagship handsets is a well-trodden path but increasing the size of a device that many already believe to be too large is more unusual.

The HTC One Max is, of course, a phablet; a cross between smartphone and tablet devices. It can be used as a smartphone but be prepared for some funny looks when you hold it to the side of your head.

It has a 5.9” screen which makes it really quite large. It has a fingerprint scanner, similar to the biometric security system offered by the recently launched iPhone 5S.

The mammoth handset offers a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. This is nippy enough to deal with just about anything that can be thrown at it but isn’t as future proof as some other tablet and phablet models. It also has 2GB RAM which, again, should be adequate but nothing exactly special.

The fingerprint scanner is arguably the biggest feature of the phone. It is situated on the rear of the phone and by assigning different fingerprints to different apps it will allow users to automatically launch up to three of their favourite apps straight away. It will also act as a security device, so that users can quickly lock and unlock the screen as required.

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The HTC One Max is a strange device. It offers everything needed to be able to comfortably enjoy a phablet sized handset but it doesn’t exactly set the market alight with innovations or features. The fingerprint scanner could prove a useful addition but it certainly isn’t the first device to offer it.

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