HTC One Mini Coming In June

htc one miniHTC underwent a difficult second album, as it were, following the incredible success they enjoyed with their first phones. However, the HTC One in its various guises continues to perform well for the manufacturer. In the same way that Samsung took its popular Galaxy S3 and created a Galaxy Mini, details of the HTC One Mini have been leaked. The phone looks almost identical, despite being a bit smaller and made from different materials, and it doesn’t offer quite the same specs but is ideal for those that lust after the HTC One but can’t justify its price tag.

The screen is still a 4.3inch touch screen and the design will make it virtually impossible to differentiate from the original, except in size. Further downgrades include the processor, which will only be dual core, and storage will just be 16GB this time around. RAM will remain the same at 2GB however, and it will feature a camera with UltraPixel technology. The phone will have a smaller battery that will, apparently, be non-removable.

The HTC One Mini is expected to sport Android 4.2 Jelly Bean when it is launched at the end of June and it effectively represents a pared down version of the original HTC One but with more moderate stats and reduced price tag. You will only have to fork out the price of a mid-range Android rather than a flagship, state of the art smartphone.

HTC are well known for producing good quality phones within the inexpensive price bracket.

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