HTC Reports First Loss As Samsung Predicts Record Profits

htc-and-samsung-logos-300x300HTC has reported its first quarterly loss as it loses ground to rivals but Samsung has forecast record profits of £5.8bn for the third quarter of this year, thanks to increased smartphone sales.

HTC has endured a difficult run of things. The release of smartphones like the Wildfire and the Desire helped put the Taiwanese manufacturer on the radar of smartphone and tech lovers everywhere. However, as they attempted to make the step up to the high end market and as other companies emerged to take market share away, they have struggled to match their early success.

The company has posted results for the quarter up to September and it is the first time that they have had to post a loss rather than a profit. They lost the equivalent of £62m during the three month period and the figures won’t help share prices, which have slumped 50% over the past twelve months. What’s more, analysts have also said that there are no signs of recovery for the One manufacturer.

In contrast, Samsung have forecasted that they will be posting record profits for the same quarter.

It has emerged in recent months and years that Samsung has overtaken Apple to become the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and the popularity of their Galaxy smartphone range, coupled with the fact that they are already the world’s biggest TV manufacturer, means that the technology giant now expect to post profits of £5.8bn for the third quarter. This not only smashes many analysts’ predictions but puts pay to concerns that have been voiced over the slowing of the organisation’s growth.

HTC is certainly struggling to match their success of early Android releases and it is because competitors like Samsung have swooped and taken massive market share from them, helping themselves towards record quarterly profits in the process.

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