HTC To Gradually Abandon Windows Phone

htc-quietly-brilliantSources claim that Taiwanese manufacturer HTC are to slowly abandon the Windows Phone operating system, concentrating instead on Android and leaving the Windows market to dominant Nokia.

The Windows Phone 8X is reportedly performing well for HTC but reports indicate that the comapn yare concerned by Nokia’s increased dominance over the Windows Phone market. As such, they are considering moving firmly to an Android position.

The 4.3” HTC 8X has an 8mp rear facing camera and a better than usual 2.1mp front facing camera, both of which are capable of recording HD video footage. The screen offers 342 pixels per inch which means that it is sharp and better even than the latest iPhone Retina display. This ensures that the phone can include many more tiles on the screen, which is considered necessary for a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, but may put a lot of potential buyers off picking up a handset.

Unfortunately, using Windows Phone 8 to create a smartphone means there are limitation regarding which processor can be used. HTC have opted for the same dual core 1.5GHz chip that is found in the Lumia 920 from Nokia and it is a nippy, powerful chip even if it doesn’t compare to some of the best high end chips.

According to the rumours, HTC is preparing an updated replacement for the 8X and it has even been suggested that this will be unveiled at next month’s IFA. However, this could be the last handset that HTC produces using the Windows operating system which would be a shame considering the quality of the current model.

There are plenty of other HTC rumours going around, specifically about the emergence of an HTC One Max. It has long been suggested that the company were working on a 6” variant of the popular and incredible One smartphone and the most recent suggestion is that they will be ready to release the phablet by the end of the year.

One item of HTC news that isn’t rumour is that the smartphone manufacturer have signed Robert Downey Jr in a £12m to head up their new “Here’s To Change” (or HTC) campaign. The comapy are hoping that the £1bn revamp will help revitalise sales because while they led the way with early Android handsets, HTC are now struggling against the big money spending of Samsung, Apple, and other manfuacturers. The range and overall quality of the phones means that we hope they succeed.

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