HTC To Launch Android Smartwatch Next Year

htc-quietly-brilliantHTC are said to be the latest company set to join the ever expanding list of smartwatch manufacturers. Reports suggest that a new Android device from the manufacturers could be ready next year.

Reports are abound that HTC will be joining the likes of Samsung and Sony, who have already released smartwatches, and Apple, Google, and Microsoft who are currently preparing new devices, by launching their own wearable technology. The news should not be considered too much of a surprise as it comes just days after HTC CEO Peter Chou said that wearable tech was an area of particular interest to the company.

After initial success with budget Android smartphones like the Wildfire, HTC has struggled to find its way a little. There could be no doubting the quality of phones like the HTC One but the Taiwanese manufacturer hasn’t enjoyed the sales levels to elevate them to compete with the likes of Samsung in this market.

Smartwatches have, so far, taken one of two approaches. Devices like the Fuelband from Nike work as standalone devices but are really only beneficial to runners, joggers, and cyclists. They monitor things like heart rate and track performance, and they may even include other limited functions. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear are meant to be coupled with a smartphone in order to extend the features of both devices. HTC may be about to take a different approach.

Chou said that he did not believe that the current wave of smartphones made a big enough impact on the daily lives of users. This may refer to the fact that they are either specialist devices or an extension of an existing smartphone. It could, therefore, mean that HTC are working on a true smartwatch that works on its own and offers access to apps, camera features, and the seemingly obligatory pulse monitor.

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