HTC To Launch HTC Mini One On August 12th

htc-one-mini-sizeThe HTC One Mini will launch in UK stores on 12th August according to online mobile phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles. HTC has yet to confirm or deny the reported release date.

The HTC One has proven a popular and powerful device, helping HTC to reinvigorate their results after a quite couple of years. It competed well with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its release and it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to further extend its reach by launching a Mini version of the device. According to reports from online phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles, the smaller device will start shipping on August 12th in the UK.

The HTC One Mini will still have a 4.3” display so offers decent screen size for the Mini range.
The Super LCD screen will offer 720p resolution. The processor, too, will be smaller than its bigger brother has to offer. It will have a dual core 1.4GHz processor and even the design of the phone itself will suffer something of a downgrade – rather than the full metal casing offered by the full size HTC One the Mini will have plastic edges.

However, not everything about the HTC One Mini will be considered a downgrade. The Mini will ship with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. It will also have a 4MP ultrapixel camera and 1.6MP front facing camera. Buyers will be able to choose between a Glacial Silver and Stealth Black model and it is likely that all models will ship with 16GB of internal storage.

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Buyers will also benefit from the overlaying of HTC’s Sense 5.0 user interface which provides a number of benefits over earlier versions including the Blink homepage view.

HTC certainly isn’t the first to offer a Mini version of what can be considered a large screen smartphone. Samsung released the Galaxy S3 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Mini, both of which were pared down versions of their own flagship devices and both of which helped to further fuel sales. Samsung recently became the most profitable smartphone manufacturer, overtaking Apple for the first time and further cementing the place of the company which can already boast being the world’s largest TV manufacturer.

The HTC One Mini will prove popular with Android lovers that don’t want to have to increase the size of their pockets and aren’t interested in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini but with rumours of a cheaper iPhone on the horizon will it be enough to corner the market?

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