HTC Unveils Butterfly S And Desire 200

htc_butterfly_sThe Butterfly S and Desire 200 are two very different phones with very different price tags, features, and target market but both have been unveiled by Taiwanese manufacturing giant HTC.

Starting at the budget end of the releases, the Desire 200 is a low cost smartphone that has a really decent set of features and specifications that will make it a good purchase. Before you become decidedly underwhelmed by the feature set bear in mind that this is a budget phone so don’t expect too many up to date numbers.

The Desire 200 will have a Snapdragon 1GHz processor combined with 512MB of DDR1 RAM and 4GB of internal storage that can, as is the trend, be upgraded with a microSD card. Like we said, underwhelming but genuinely not too bad for a phone that will likely cost between £120 and £150 on release in the UK. The 3.5” screen is fairly average quality but you do get a pair of Beats Audio in-ear headphones with your purchase.

There is, as yet, no exact date on a European release or the exact price although the Taiwanese price has been confirmed at NT$4,990, equivalent to less than £110.

More excitingly is the announcement of the high end Butterfly S. This is an updated and upgraded version of the popular Butterfly smartphone which, sadly, was never actually released here in the UK. There’s no news on whether the Butterfly S will make it to our shores but maybe if we all shout loud enough at exactly the same time they’ll take the hint.

The phone has a 5 inch 1080p touch screen and the same 1.9GHz quad core Snapdragon processor that powers the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has been bigged up as the most powerful smartphone money can buy. It has 2GB of RAM as well.

HTC has clearly invested in its Ultrapixel camera quality. This means lower numbers but very good quality indeed and the Butterfly S will have an Ultrapixel 4mp camera on the back as well as a 2.1mp camera on the front for high quality selfies and video calls.

One of the greatest looking features of the HTC Butterfly S is the massive 3,200 mAH battery that powers it. The addition of this battery means that you won’t have to recharge every few hours and HTC promises more than three days of listening to music before plugging it in becomes necessary.

Considering HTC hasn’t been around all that long, they have become a major player at both ends of the smartphone market. The Desire 200 and the Butterfly S represent value and quality at both ends

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