Huawei Ascend P6 To Launch In June

huawei p6Huawei once thankfully relied on the names of mobile operators to sell their handsets but in the past few years they have proven themselves capable of manufacturing in their own rights too. Their next move into the mobile phone market looks like coming in the shape of the Ascend P6. Leads regarding a release and details of the phone have surfaced in the past few weeks and the company has sort of announced that the phone will be released on June 16th.

Huawei have produced a range of good quality mobile phones in the past few years and the Ascend marque is seemingly becoming their flagship range. The company that is still a major underdog in the smartphone wars produced the world’s slimmest and the world’s most powerful smartphones. With the Ascend P6, it is believed that they will be adding World’s Fastest to this growing list of recording breaking achievements. Not at all bad for a company that few people can even pronounce the name of.

The Huawei P6 is supposedly only 6.22mm thick and it will be made from brushed aluminium while utilising a 1.5GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM. It is supposed to have a 5mp camera and despite its use of aluminium it will weigh in at a reasonable 150g. The final drip in the leak is that it will be launched on June 16th this year. It should be pointed out that the leak was a hastily removed social network update from Huawei’s Device Chairman so it could probably be considered to be from a reliable source.

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