Huawei Introduces The P6; The Slimmest Smartphone Ever

huawei p6 smartphoneHuawei has introduced what is described as being the slimmest smartphone in the world. It has an 8mp rear camera and 5mp front facing camera and is 3mm thinner than the HTC One.

Huawei has certainly making head way into the Western smartphone market in recent years. They have introduced a number of budget and low cost phones that have surprisingly good features while also enjoying a good build quality. However, they want to take more of the smartphone market and they are aggressively releasing and marketing new products to help them towards this end.

The P6 is a meagre 6.18mm thin and while this is obviously great news for those with very tight jeans and slight pockets, the phone has a number of other features that look set to make it a hit.

The phone not only has an 8mp rear facing camera but a 5mp front facing camera that enables users to take high quality selfies.

The screen is an impressive 4.7” so, while it is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is still the same size as the HTC One. However, where the Ascend P6 will have the advantage over both of these handsets and the Apple iPhone 5 is in cost.

The device will be launched with a SIM free cost of €449, which is roughly equivalent to £380 and this is a massive difference when compared to the likes of the S4.

In terms of other features and specifications, the Ascend P6 has a quad core 1.5MHz processor developed by the telecoms company themselves. It also has 2GB of RAM although internal storage is a little lacking at 8GB but this can be upgraded via microSD slot.

The phone will be run on the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 operating system but will be combined with the Emotion UI that Huawei themselves have developed. The core of this UI is the Me feature that brings together all of your most important information in a single hub.

Huawei have said that the phone will launch by the end of July in 19 countries across the world including the UK. The phone is already available in China and will be released to a further 100 countries following the July major release date.

The company has said that the new handset will do miracles for the company, which was already ranked as the fourth biggest smartphone manufacturer in the first quarter of this year.

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