Hyetis Unveil The First Swiss Smartwatch, The Crossbow

hyetis1Swiss watch manufacturers Hyetis have unveiled what is arguably the first Swiss smartwatch and have packed absolutely everything they possibly can, and then some, into the stylish looking design.

A new smartwatch unveiled by Swiss manufacturers Hyetis will reportedly connect to Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and will feature a fairly staggering 41mp camera (we’re not entirely sure of the benefit of having a digital camera on your wrist though). It will also be touch screen and will have an altimeter, microphone, thermometer, and biometric sensors. We’re sure if they can think of anything else to add then it will make an appearance.

The problem with trying to cram so much into one watch is that, when all is said and done, it still seems as though it is going to be a digital extension to the smartphone and the probable $1,200 equivalent price tag is a lot more than you would pay for a device like the Pebble.

At the other end of the smartwatch scale is the Kreyos Meteor. This hasn’t gone into production yet but it has met its funding goal on crowd funding site IndieGoGo.

Kreyos approached IndieGoGo investors two months ago offering a speakerphone smartwatch with fairly limited functions and they asked for $100,000 to develop the watch. The deadline has now passed and Kreyos have raised 15 times more than they needed with a staggering $1.5m.

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The Meteor does not have a touch screen display but can be operated by shaking your wrist around (maybe not in public, though) and it too will pair with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 devices. It will have a few features, such as calendar and alarm clock plus a handful of others that will work independently of the smartphone and it seems the world is eager for what is a more barebones approach to the smartwatch phenomenon.

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