iBuyPower Releases Steam Machine Specs

ibuypower big logoiBuyPower has released details of the specifications for its Steam Machine, that they believe will launch in 2014. It has impressive specs and a good design, but a hefty price tag equivalent to about £300.

The next generation console wars will be well under way tomorrow, when the PS4 launches in the UK. While the devices have fairly similar specifications, they are being pitched and marketed slightly differently, and game publishers have said that the Xbox One doesn’t offer the same level of graphics as the PS4. They will cost between £350 and £450, depending on the model you choose, and unless you have already pre-ordered you will probably have to wait until after Christmas to get your hands on one, or pay £600 or more on eBay.

While it isn’t likely to be a contender in the next gen wars, the Steam Machine is gearing up, ready to launch. It differs from Microsoft’s and Sony’s offering, not least because it will be developed and modified by different companies. This means that while the likes of the Xbox One offer uniformity, so everybody can play every game release on a system of the same quality, Steam has taken a more PC-like approach.

iBuyPower has unveiled that it will be modifying a version of the Steam Machine and selling it for the equivalent of about £300 sometime in 2014. They say that the machine will play games at 60fps in 1080p resolution and there will be a 500GB hard drive. It will include the dual touchscreen controller and, it has to be said, it has a really very good looking design too.

The Steam Machine is likely to appeal to a different set of gamers than the PS4 and Xbox One. It essentially brings PC gaming to the living room, and may not offer the additional features that other consoles offer.

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