In Store Adverts To Follow You And Learn From Your Actions

instore adsWe may feel bombarded with advertisements as it is but Lancaster University researchers have said that they expect new tracking technology to be used in stores within five years. This technology would mean that advertising monitors would be able to track your eye movements and determine what you have been viewing in the store before showing a relevant ad that only you can see properly.

Eye tracking technology does currently exist. This can track a single eye and it requires a major setup. In contrast, the new technology will be able to track and respond to the eye movements of as many as 14 people initially. The different people would then be presented with different video footage, ad copy, and other content according to what they have been looking at in the shop.

eyetracking_galaxys4The Galaxy S4 uses a form of eye tracking technology. Like its predecessor it registers whether a person has their eyes open or closed and can react accordingly but the S4 goes one step further. It can determine how far down a page of text you have got, for example, and scroll for you when required.

This type of technology will also be included in the new system so that users will be able to scroll using their eyes and make selections in a similar way. Privacy concerns will raise their heads once the technology starts being used or is trialled, however.

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