Independence Referendum: YES and NO votes are neck and neck as the poll race goes down to the wire

Scottish referendumWith only 149 days to go until the Scottish referendum in September, the latest figures show there’s only four per cent between Yes and No votes, prompting bookies to slash the odds of a Yes vote to a lowly 9/4.

The Yes and No stables are now virtually neck and neck in the race to the independence referendum, according to two polls.

And bookies have slashed the odds of a Yes victory to an all-time low of 9/4.

One of the surveys showed Alex Salmond’s camp would need a swing of just over two per cent to snatch victory.

The ICM poll for Scotland on Sunday put support for a Yes vote on 48 per cent and No on 52 per cent.

The poll also showed that 19 per cent of people are still undecided.

A second poll by Survation put a Yes vote up one point to 38 per cent and a No vote down one point to 46 per cent.

When the “don’t knows” are stripped out, the results are 55-45 in favour of keeping Scotland in the UK.

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