iPad Air Causes Typical Apple Queuing Nonsense

ipad-‌mini-retina-displayThe release of the wafer-thin, ludicrously-light iPad Air has seen hundreds of hopefuls lining the streets to get their hands on the latest iCraze.

Apple lovers must, by now, have realised that Apple have a somewhat twisted sense of humour. This week has seen some of the worst storms in years and, so, the tech giant has released their latest gadget that was almost certain to entice queues of technophiles to shop doors. And, virtually at Apple’s behest, the gadget loving public duly obliged.

While many people are awaiting the release of the iPad Mini 2, the lack of a firm release date has obviously led some buyers to favour the diminutive iPad Air instead.

The iPad Air is basically a much lighter replacement for the iPad 4. It has lost a lot of weight and, as any good personal trainer will tell you, this means that it is able to run faster and for longer without consuming so much energy.

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It features the same 64 bit processor as is utilised in the iPhone 5S and that will prove more than capable of running any apps and games that are available for it. In fact, it should ensure that owners remain ahead of the game and won’t need to purchase an upgrade for some time to come, but we’ll see.

The 9.7” model is 28% lighter than the iPad 4 and it features the same, top notch Retina display that its predecessor also featured. It is, however, a little lacking in some other areas. It only has a 5mp rear camera and 1.2mp front camera, for example.

The iPad Air is ideally suited to those with weak wrists and that want something a little less cumbersome than the previous iPad 4 model. All joking aside, the iPad Air warrants the new brand. It is much lighter and even more of a pleasure to handle than earlier iPads but it still packs a major punch and has a great screen. The only real let down is the quality of the cameras, but who really uses the camera on a tablet anyway?

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