iPhone 5S Three Times More Popular Than 5C In The UK

iphone_5c_and_5sThe iPhone 5S has sold three times as many units as the budget 5C variant. However, iOS still saw a 4% drop for the third quarter of the year when compared to 2012.

We don’t really understand the point of the 5C. It is billed as being the budget iPhone, and its cheap plastic looks certainly hold to this. However, it is still far from being a budget phone and you could end up paying £500 or more depending on the amount of memory you want. We find it remarkable that Apple has only sold three times more of the premium 5S units than the budget 5C units, but it is apparently bringing in new Apple users.

One figure that doesn’t seem to bear this fact out, is the considerable market share drop endured by iOS.

During the third quarter of 2012, iOS accounted for 32.7% of all handsets shipped. However, this figure has fallen by 4% to 28.7% this year. During the same period, Android has seen a 1.6% increase to 55.6% but Microsoft has enjoyed the greatest gains. Its market share has risen from 4.6% last year to 11.9% this year. Blackberry saw its share drop even further from 8.1% to 3.3%.

Kantar WorldPanel ComTech released sales data on smartphone and operating system sales. These figures do show that 80% iPhone 5S owners have upgraded from a previous iPhone while about half of 5C owners have made the switch from another brand of mobiles phones, including Samsung and LG.

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LG may be hoping that the release of what promises to be the first curved smartphone will help claw some of this back. According to reports, the G Flex will be available in France before the end of the year, which means that it is likely to be here in the UK at around the same time.

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