Is Disney Infinity More Than An Extortionately Priced Money Spinner?

disney-infinityDisney make some great films and some great kid’s shows, we’re told, but they also make masses and masses of money by selling what many would consider to be over-priced merchandise. In Disney Infinity, it seems that Disney will continue squeezing every penny out of buyers in the same way that Skylanders did.

Disney Infinity enables players to buy the game and then buy action figures to extend the playability of the game. Buy Captain Jack Sparrow and you receive access to the Pirates of the Caribbean campaign as well as items like the Black Pearl to be used in the game.

Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Monsters University are included in the starter pack and new figures and campaigns will be available too.

As well as the unique campaigns and characters, which are actually very well made and precise, there is also the Toybox mode.

In Toybox mode, players can make their own rules to play to. Characters can be combined from the various sets that are owned and new items can be unlocked in the main game and through the purchase of new figures. Players can also determine the type of game that they want, including racing games and platformers. This means that there is pretty much an infinite number of games to be played in this mode, which also offers multiplayer features to further add to the enjoyment.

The game sandbox model is becoming increasingly popular. Features like Halo Forge, which enabled you to create your own levels, have been further expanded so that you can completely change the look and feel of a game. Toybox mode in Disney Infinity not only ensures that there is plenty of playability from what will prove an expensive purchase but it means that kids are able to create their own games with one another too.

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