Is Sony’s Smart Wig As Ridiculous As It Sounds?

Sony make.believe logo - blackSony has submitted a patent application for a smart wig. Could the toupee really be the direction that wearable tech is heading in, or is it as ludicrous as it first sounds?

Some ideas are best left in branstorming sessions, but some are so ludicrously mad that they actually turn out to be genuinely useful, extremely popular, and a major money spinner for those that came up with the idea in the first place. Google Glass met with derision, as well as some praise, when it was first introduced, and while we have yet to see its eventual levels of popularity and success, it could well have changed the way that we use technology.

Sony, not wanting to be left out, has applied for their own wearable technology patent. Rather than a smartwatch, or even smartglasses, though, they have taken a slightly different route. Their patent is for the smart wig.

Scoff, if you will, but some of the tech that it offers may actually make you want to lose your hair, so that you can benefit from its features.

The wig may contain a GPS and provide tactile feedback. Considering the proximity of the wig to the ears and the head, this means that you could be receiving directional aids almost directly into the brain.

The wigs would be able to communicate with one another, too, although this does sound a bit too B-movie horror script for our liking.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing possibilities is the inclusion of an ultrasound transducer. The wig would work in a similar way to a bat’s keen senses. It would be able to emit ultrasound and measure the responding sound waves. In short, it would be able to alert you to your surroundings in the dark, and even enable you to navigate a darkened bedroom when you’re trying to sneak in drunk, without waking your partner.

So, is the Smart Wig as ludicrous as it sounds? Well, clearly, yes, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t prove a hit.

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