Is The Archos 80 Titanium A Decent Budget Tablet?

archos 80 titaniumA number of budget tablets have spread into the market in recent months but, for the most part, they are living proof of the adage that you get what you pay for. It stands to reason that you won’t get as much when you pay £130 for a tablet as you would when you pay £500 or more but is the difference really worth it? The Archos 80 Titanium is a budget tablet, costing £130, and it looks to offer more than the usual when it comes to low price touchscreens.

The first aspect of the Titanium 80 that belies its price is its design. It looks and feels as strong and as classy as the more expensive models. It may be a little heavier than you’re used to but for the most part it has form factor wrapped up. It also has a strong lineup of inputs including miniHDMI and a microSD memory card slot which allows expansion up to 64GB.

The resolution of the screen is the same as the iPad Mini at 1024 x 768 although it is 0.1 inches larger. The difference in image sharpness is negligible, however.

In terms of power, the Titanium uses a 1GHz dual core processor and this puts it above the vast majority of the single core budget pack. It also has 1GB of RAM which is again impressive.

The area where the Archos is let down is in the camera. It does feature a 2MP rear camera but its quality is poor and it’s unlikely you will ever really use it to take pictures. The battery is also decent so you should enjoy more than a day of use without having to charge it.

When it comes to budget tablets, the Nexus 7 has had things its own way for some time now but the Archos does, at least, offer some competition. The Nexus 7 does cost around £30 more for the basic model and this has a smaller screen with no HDMI but it also has a quad core processor which means that it tears through games and apps, and even allows a decent level of multi-tasking.

If you are looking to buy a budget tablet PC then be aware that cheap does not necessarily mean cheerful. Do your research, look at reviews, and see what others are saying in order to be certain that you get the best available machine for your budget. You can certainly consider the Archos 80 Titanium to be among the better options out there.

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