ITV Player Launches On Android But Is Exclusive To Samsung

ivt playerITV has announced that its on demand and catch up service ITV player will be coming to Android. However, it will be Samsung exclusive until the end of August when it will be opened up to other devices. ITV says that the move will enable them to basically test the service with Samsung users, although Samsung has declined to mention this testing aspect in its own press release regarding the news.

The likes of iPlayer from BBC and 4OD have proven a popular addition to smart TVs and Internet TV boxes because they afford users the opportunity to access free shows and to catch up on TV they might have missed. ITV offers its ITV Player app to smartphone and tablet users but only in a restricted version. Until now, the full version was not available on any Android based platform, so the news is good news for anybody that wants to catch up with the latest episodes of Coronation Street.

The Korean manufacturer provides many of the mobile products currently on the marketplace and this announcement means that Galaxy S3 and Note owners will be able to watch an official ITV app. As it sounds like ITV is treating this like a Beta testing stage, though, users might be best warned that the app could be buggy especially during the early stages of its introduction. Come August when the app is released in earnest, the bugs should have been properly ironed out.

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