Ive Changes iOS 7 Design

ios7Apple’s operating system, iOS, is to undergo major design changes before it is released. The move is being led by Sir Jony Ive, who is the design chief for the technology company. His aim is to make icons appear flatter and also remove the association between existing icons and real life items. The current paper calendar, for example, will be replaced and this is just one of the changes that you should expect.

Ive was given command of the software design for Apple just last year but clearly isn’t happy to sit on his hand in his new role. While many of the changes will be largely aesthetic, from the user’s point of view, there will also be those that may improve functionality and offer an improved experience when using apps and other elements of the iPhone.

The specifics of the new design are set to be announced during the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) held in June this year and already sold out. However, some details have been leaked or rumoured. iOS has borne some criticism in the last couple of years because it has virtually exactly the same look and design as its first counterpart which was launched in 2007.

Everything will have a flatter appearance, similar to that of Windows phones, and icons will be changed. What’s more, toolbars and tabs are set to receive similar treatment as well. Ive hopes to bring the iOS operating system right up to date to ensure that Apple continues to remain at the forefront of smartphone and tablet sales.

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