Joey Essex began sleepwalking and hallucinating after getting his vaccinations for Africa TV trip

JEimgaFormer TOWIE star Joey is making a trip to Africa for his latest show but the medicine he required to take made him several unique side effects.

I’m A Celebrity’s Joey Essex claims he felt hallucinations and also first started sleepwalking after having jabs for a visit to Africa.

The ex-Towie individuality, who are able to be viewed in new fly-on-the-wall series Educating Joey Essex on ITV2 tonight, explained he fantasized he was being affected in the crazy. Joey, 23, who worried he was moving mad, said: “I had ­hallucinations. One amongst them was I have been getting swallowed by gorillas, which has been scary.

“I stored waking after odd hopes and dreams wondering exactly why glasses was knocked over. A few days later on, I recognised I’d been sleepwalking due to the 9 injections I received.” Joey, who went on safari in South Africa and Uganda, said he’d not sleepwalked since he was a young child.

“I useful to do it right at all times. I’d let myself away at 3am and move around in my boxers.”

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