Jolla Now Taking Pre-Orders For Sailfish Smartphone

Jolla-SailfishManufacturer Jolla has announced that it is taking pre-orders for its Sailfish operating system powered smartphone and that they are offering a Kickstarter style funding option. The more you pay, the greater the benefits and features that you receive. The Sailfish operating system is based on the now defunct MeeGo system, which was dumped by Nokia when they chose instead to run with the Windows Phone system. The phone is expected to be available by the end of the year.

MeeGo was a result of a merging of technologies from Nokia and Intel. While Intel attempted to carry the flag, by releasing MeeGo powered N9 devices for a couple of months, they gave up the fight fairly soon after. Nokia. Instead, chose to side with Windows; a move which, in hindsight and following the release of the Lumia range, would appear to have been a good choice.

The button-less phone has some good features. It has a 4.5 inch screen and will be compliant with Android apps. It will have a dual core processor and 16GB storage. The 8mp camera is also joined by a user replaceable battery; a commodity which is fast disappearing in the modern mobile phone marketplace. Not bad considering the pre-order price of €399. Pay an extra €40 to receive an “I Am The First One” t-shirt, or an extra €100 to get a €100 phone discount voucher and a limited edition phone as well as the t-shirt.

One feature that sounds a little gimmicky to us is “The Other Half”. Users can change the back of the phone to their liking and this will simultaneously alter the phone settings, including fonts and colour display.

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