Jonathan Ross Joins Xbox While Ashton Kutcher Joins Lenovo

Microsoft_lenovoMicrosoft has announced that Jonathan Ross will be joining them as executive producer, while Ashton Kutcher has been unveiled as product engineer for Lenovo.

Microsoft is really pushing its upcoming Xbox One console as a media platform, rather than a dedicated gaming console. They aim to combine the features of a gaming device with Internet and streaming TV, access to rented films, and as a means of accessing various other types of media. In order to help them towards this end, the manufacturing and software giant has enlisted Jonathan Ross to join their team as an executive producer.

On the appointment, Ross said “I’m thrilled to be joining forces with Microsoft Studios” and he went on to say that his “love of games, movies and TV made this partnership a no-brainer. And they said they’d give me an Xbox One for free, so how could I possibly refuse?”



The Microsoft Xbox One will be released in the UK on 22nd November, just in time for Christmas and in preparation for a hot console battle with the PS4, which releases here a week later on the 29th November. Unfortunately for parents, that means that there will be plenty of time for kids (and husbands) to plead for one of the new consoles.

Lenovo, on the other hand, have unveiled Ashton Kutcher as a product engineer. The surprise move came as the company launched the Lenovo Yoga tablet.

The Lenovo Yoga is a versatile tablet and laptop crossover. It can adopt a number of positions so that it can be used as either type of device. Kutcher said that he is less interested in the colour of the products than he is in the actual design, and how it would benefit people during typical, everyday use.


The new Lenovo has a slightly unusual design. One end of the tablet is bulkier than the rest of the device, apparently offering grip to users while also housing the kickstand. The additional space has been used to store a good number of batteries that combine to give the Yoga an apparent 18 hour battery life.

There are two versions of the device available. Both the 8” and 10” versions have 1,280 x 800 displays and utilise quad core processors to give them grunt. Available for £199 and £249 respectively, the devices will go on sale from next month.


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